I change. I evolve. I grow. I learn. I make mistakes. I cry. I laugh. I love saying, “I don’t care!”…though deep down I do. I give advice. I hope. I dream. I make castles in the air. I sneeze. I lose my temper. I have my posse. I’m funny when I’m mad. I love with everything I have. I’m ambitious. I’m domestic. I’m cheap. I work through, under, over, rules. I do what I need to do to survive. I’m whimsical. I’m a die-hard romantic. I’m selfish. I’m quiet. I’m honest. I’m conceited. I’m stubborn. I’m proud. I’m reserved. I love attention. I prefer sitting in corners and analyzing people. I’m careful. I’m cautious. I’m uninhibited. I don’t think twice before speaking. My honest response gets me in trouble. My motto shud be… "Think Twice, Speak Once”


Family, Planes, People, Books, Love, Dreams, Basketball, Emotions, Sis n Bros, Coffee, Poetry, Future, Sunsets, Sunrises, Change, Independence, Seashore, Respect, Ambitions, Clouds, Night, Autumn, Feelings, Ocean.

24 Responses to “Something about me!”

  1. khawab Says:

    yeh dats abt it…..

  2. Asma Says:

    Wow … you could’ve listed the two three things that you are not 😉

  3. Khawab Says:

    Karl: not really 😛 if u think …….yeh if u dont think!

    Asma: yeh…..hhmmmm gud idea
    will add it to da list

  4. neelkanth Says:

    That’s what a person is.Expressions are so candid.I wish I could see them in Urdu itself.

  5. Karl Says:

    baqol some poet:
    apnay ehsaas say chho k mujhey sandle kr do

    kia tum kuch mujhey bhi bna sakti ho?

    ummm tum mujhey pls stubborn, concieted, honest n haan mad bhi kr do…but pls if u r sneezing at the moment then stay away :p

  6. sakinariaz Says:

    All in one!!!

  7. Shafqat Khan Says:

    one of my fav song by Ali Azmat… hmmm love it… 🙂

  8. Shafqat Khan Says:

    sorry… i put my comment at wrong place… you may delete… but i read the title of blog so could not stop my fingers to say about song… heheh

  9. Shafqat Khan Says:

    now could you tell me who wrote this…
    خواب ادھورے سہی خواب سہارے تو ہیں۔ ۔ ۔ ۔۔

  10. Shafqat Khan Says:

    u havent added my blog in your blogroll? strange…

  11. Arsalan Says:

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  12. stinger Says:

    I’m funny when I’m mad.

    Man! Now this is self revelation!

  13. Tia Says:

    Hey Khwab, thanks for dropping by my blog… it was really nice of you. 🙂

    Since we have something in common I tagged you on this books meme on my blog. Please have a look and reply on your blog. 🙂

  14. Kamran Says:

    i like the title.. i love this song! 🙂

  15. lubna Says:

    I read your intro twice because I felt like its my explaination too…

  16. fareed Says:

    my lifes so much like the docs n my wife is always complaining too :((

  17. Aadil Says:

    Nice blog! Lovely intro! 🙂

  18. Asma Says:

    What is your zodiac sign? Just curious!

  19. kashkin Says:

    Very nice blog…good composition of thoughts

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